European Starch industry

The European starch industry

The European starch industry produces over six hundred products, from native starches to physically or chemically modified starches, through to liquid and solid sweeteners. The versatility of starch products is such that they are used as ingredients and functional supplements in a vast array of food, non-food, and feed applications. From 75 starch production facilities in 20 of the 28 EU Member States, the European Starch Industry today produces 10,7 million tonnes of starch each year from EU wheat, maize and potatoes. EU consumption of starch and starch derivatives was 9,3 million tonnes in 2015.

EU starch market in figures

  • Starch Europe members constitute more than 95% of EU starch production.
  • The 25 Starch Europe member companies process starch in 75 plants in 20 of the 28 EU Member States.
  • They process 23,6 million tonnes of EU agricultural materials (16,6 million tonnes of cereals and 7 million tonnes of starch potatoes) into 10,7 million tonnes of starch.
  • EU starch production has increased from 8.7 million tonnes 2004 to 10,7 million tonnes in 2015.
  • The EU consumes 9,3 million tonnes of starch (excluding starch bi-products totalling around 5 million tonnes), of which 61% in food, 1% in feed and 38% in non food applications, primarily paper making.
  • Of the 9,3 million tonnes of starch and starch derivatives consumed in the EU, 26% are native starches, 19% modified starches and 55% starch sweeteners.

EU starch market data

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