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Industrial applications

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One of the earliest known industrial uses of starch was to ‘size’ and stiffen textiles. This is still true, but today starch does much more : it is added to individual yarns to increase mechanical strength and resistance to friction wear, and helps resist moisture penetration. And it can serve as a stabiliser and filler for coloured inks when fabrics are overprinted.
The detergent industry uses starch products for the production of biodegradable, non-toxic and skin friendly detergents. Starch products are also used in an array of less obvious applications : in fermentation – for the production of amino acids, organic acids, enzymes and yeast, by the chemical industry – for the production of surfactants, polyurethanes, resins, and in biodegradable plastics. But also in the construction industry – for concrete admixtures, plasters and insulation, as well as in oil drilling, mineral and metal processing.