Starch in 3 minutes

The basics on Starch in a short video

What is starch?

Starch is a carbohydrate extracted from agricultural raw materials which is widely present in literally thousands of everyday food and non-food applications. It is the most important carbohydrate in the human diet. Because it is renewable and biodegradable it is also a perfect raw material as a substitute for fossil-fuel components in numerous chemical applications such as plastics, detergents, glues etc. For more on the food, feed and industrial uses click here. The starch molecule consists of a large number of glucose units joined by glycosidic bonds. It is produced by all vegetables as an energy store. In Europe it is extracted almost exclusively from potatoes, wheat and maize. For more on the extraction click here.

Starch products fall broadly into three categories: 

Native Starch

Modified starches



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